Teeth Whitening

2 (20 Minute Sessions) For Only $149 – Sensitivity Free!

DaVinci Teeth Whitening

If you want whiter teeth and a beautiful smile, DaVinci is your best cosmetic light-activated teeth whitening solution. DaVinci has been prominent and well respected throughout the dental industry since 1999.

The DaVinci BriteXL Pro whitening gel is to be used by Licensed Dental Professionals only and includes a Gingeval Barrier to isolate the soft tissues from the treatment. The gel was designed to quickly and effectively brighten teeth up to 12 shades brighter in under 60 minutes and is used in conjunction with the Light-Activated Procedure.

The DaVinci BriteXL Pro whitening gel is only used by Licensed Dental Professionals3 Step Process

  1. Whitening gel applied to teeth, upper and lower arch
  2. LED Laser Light is positioned to the mouth to accelerate whitening
  3. Rinse and see your results


Why DaVinci System

Until now, Teeth Whitening & Demineralization (weakening of the enamel) were synonomous with eachother. Introducing the World’s first Teeth Whitening & Remineralization System all packed into one easy to administer kit. The DaVinci System patented formula not only lets you whiten your teeth fast, but now enables you to keep them white without having to worry about the erosion of your enamel.