Elizabeth G.

(excerpt from “Thank You” card sent to Dr. Nazarov and team)

Thank you guys so super much! My teeth are so beautiful! I have gotten numerous (compliments) on them! You guys have done a fantastic job.

Dom, you are always so gentle with everyone’s mouth as you may have noticed I have fallen asleep in the chair many times. Juan, you are always very (social) and talkative to everyone…

Dr. (Nazarov), you are always so welcoming and kind even when I look like the grinch coming in for my next appointment.

Office and front desk ladies, you guys are awesome!

(Yuliya), thank you for the encouragement that it was pretty likely I would get my braces off soon…

You guys have done more than you can imagine, not just for me but for all of your patients.

Thank you all! You guys have fabulous abilities and have helped me so much.

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