Daniel H.

Dr. Nazarov,

It could not have been more than two years ago that I was sitting in what was my tenth doctor’s office in as many months. It was beginning to seem that all the professional medical talent in New York City was failing me.

No one could make sense of my symptoms. After having worn braces for seven years and unnecessarily having four permanent teeth extracted, my misfortune was difficult to come to terms with. All that I could claim to know was that my lower jaw had ended up too far forward, with brutally punishing results. The muscles around my entire head and neck would spasm and tighten on themselves, my vision blurred regularly, the pressure in my inner ear began deadening my hearing, I could not smile without pain; I was living a hell that left little joy in life.

Dutifully, I continued going from one referral to the next, from an orthodontist to a “TMJ specialist,” from a dentist to an ENT, and the most frightening, an oral surgeon. Only one remedy was recommended, and for as frightening as this procedure was, there was absolutely no guarantee, certainty or even clear reason for total relief from my pain.They proposed separating my upper jaw from my skull, moving the bone forward and reattaching it with an unpleasant combination of screws and titanium plates.

I was hardly thrilled about the idea. When I heard about a family friend that had recently opened up an orthodontic practice in Denver, I jumped at the opportunity. Having already seen what felt like every doctor in New York, what did I really have to lose? How poorly I understood my good fortune.
I value my first visit to Dr. Nazarov’s office among the most fortunate events of my life. The vacillation, uncertainty and hesitance that I experienced at every other office appeared completely absent. He looked at my x-rays, patiently listened to my story, thought for a moment and decided on the spot – he would put me in braces, and he intended on doing it that very day.

He gave only one promise, that he would try everything in his power to keep me off of the operating table. Over the course of the next year and a half, he exceeded any of my hopes, realistic or otherwise. As I write this testimonial, my eyes and face are steady, I breathe naturally, my jaw and mouth feel healthy; my former self seems less like a memory than a night terror. If you asked, Dr. Nazarov would not take credit for the extent of my improvement, and in any case, he never promised he could deliver such life-changing results.

It is his style: under-promise, but over-deliver. In recommending Andrei, I could write endlessly about his cutting-edge practice (newer, better, and less painful techniques will not be found), his genuine love for his work (no doctor will treat your case with such eager perfectionism) or his joyful attitude (I count him among my most dear friends). Above anything else, I would present my unique case as the clearest reason for anyone to get evaluated.

Had Dr. Nazarov treated me when I was young, he wouldn’t have extracted my permanent teeth, I would have worn braces for less than half the time and I never would have developed my later problems. My symptoms were among the most extreme that an orthodontist will ever treat. If he could manage to remold my life from a torturous status quo into the healthiest and happiest I have ever felt, he is someone truly special.
I should know, I saw dozens of ‘specialists’ before I found my doctor.

Thanks Dr. Nazarov.

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