Bruce E.

Dear Dr. Nazarov and Team.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for finally giving me a wonderful set of teeth and a nice smile. After living for almost 50 years with an over-jet condition as well as the complications associated with it, I am ecstatically pleased with the results. Initially I was told that the only way to correct my problem was to have surgery involving breaking my jaw and resetting it to its proper position. This was not only expensive, 40k-50k, but sounded extremely painful. When I consulted with you, you informed me that under your treatment and supervision, you felt you could correct the problem within 70% of proper alignment. It has now been 3 years under your treatment and I am very happy with the results. Not only has it given me much improved oral health but it has given me more confidence and a bright happy smile. Many friends and family have commented on a much improved look and believe me, at the age of 50 that always sounds nice. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work!

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