Annie B.

Before choosing Allegro Orthodontics I went to 3 other orthodontics who insisted i go with the Herbts system appilance. Let me tell you i tried it three times and i have never ever but anything worse in my mouth than that. But then Dr. Nazarov at Allegro orthodontics promised i wouldn’t have to use it at all and he kept his word. 🙂

Now Braces i am not going to lie to you they were uncomfortable and plain awful but luckly Dr. Nazarov only made me wear them for about 21 months- less than two years! And my teeth were ugly ugly ugly and i was afriad to open my mouth to anyone, but now i just smile away and let people see how proud i am of my beautiful teeth.

Thank you Dr. Nazarov and all of the friendly people at allegro orthodontics for giving me a beautiful smile.

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