Brian E.

I highly recommend Dr. Nazarov for any orthodontia treatment, either for a child, adolescent, or adult. I give my strongest recommendation possible….he is a tremendous orthodontist, a wonderful man, and the staff at his offices are wonderful! I actually finished my orthodontic treatments over 2 years ago. My teeth still look fantastic! Dr. Nazarov is an amazing orthodontist. He performed treatment for both of my two kids as well as myself. Their teeth look tremendous also. I am an adult male in my 40s, and although I had braces as a kid, the treatment I had as an adolescent never really worked and my teeth regressed horribly. I had always been a little self conscious about my teeth but never enough to do something about it until I met Dr. Nazarov. I thought the cost of treatment would be too much since insurance usually doesn’t cover adult orthodontia treatment. Dr. Nazarov used clear colored braces in my case, using the Damon system. This system was truly amazing and I gradually watched my teeth change from terribly crooked, over crowded to a beautiful smile with perfect teeth. A bonus for me was that the clear braces were hardly noticeable to anyone else. I actually nearly cried when the braces were removed because the results were so dramatic and fantastic. The cost was also much less than other orthodontists I had consulted. I am so happy with my results, and the results of my two kids! Dr. Nazarov is extremely kind and personable, and he cares individually about each and every one of his patients. Words can not express how much I appreciate Dr. Nazarov and his staff. I smile all the time now!

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